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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Verify ~ How To

So I have "this" new blog, which needs to be verified. And I am clueless. 
Having searched the net over, of reading what? You link where? 
Closing that page, don't get it. Sign in here, but there is no sign in, 
only to find the link but the page doesn't exist. 

Three hours later, I find blessed simplicity.

Google , Bing , Yahoo, these links will take you to their respective
webmaster tool dashboards, where you click add site, type in
the url (your website address) complete their easy instructions 
which involves a simple step of copying their meta data into your 
html page under <head> (they have picture samples of these
instructions, if you are like me, I need a visual)save or update
your html page, return to the dashboard click the verify button.

Bonus! Ding Ding, My intent was to verify, what I additionally
received by adding my website to these browsers was giving
my site the capability for their search engines to find me. 
And through the dashboards, I can now have access to my traffic stats.
Cool beans huh.

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