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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Beauty of My Daughter

I am being technically terrorized by my laptop.

When I was gifted this sweet whirring machine of freedom,
the prior owner physically shuddered, and said,
"good luck with the jumping cursor."

Like he was passing on a curse.

I decided an upgrade from buggy Vista to Windows 7 would
rectify this problem. And it did, for one day.

To my horror, the infuriating cursor not only jumped, disappeared,
scrolled the page, highlighted the entire screen, it also deleted
entire segments of copy.

Type type type, retype, type type type, omfng!

~ The Beauty of My Daughter is when she comes to visit, presses 
one button on my laptop ~ no more jumping mouse, vanishing text,
or cursing Momma.~

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