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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Snap Crackle Babble

I'm having a day, it's now three am. What hasn't ended yet, 
is how it all started.

This morning an internet wizard descended upon my home, worked his
magic by reconnecting my computer to the internet, which had been 
down for four days. I love the ability to connect, and when I can't,
it frazzles me.

In the middle of my joy, the freezer decided to do the opposite of its job.
A new thread of over excitement begins. The cleaning up of quickly 
dripping pools of melted juices and smells, moved into finding a new 
freezer to be delivered the same day, which proved to be impossible 
after numerous calls. The race and chase was on. A new freezer 
found, and moved by my glorious truck, whom my dearest of closest 
loves, chidingly call a P.O.S..

Unloaded, plugged in and ready, after waiting two hours for the Freon to 
descend to the nether regions, removing 20 square feet of freshly
unfrozen pastries, steaks, vegetables, plus items no longer identifiable, 
to the new unit. Sorting, tossing, washing sticky oozed goo from 
containers, it is now eleven p.m.. The remains of the day are mopping 
and washing the floors and the old whirring innards of the dying freezer.

Beautiful and spotless, she awaits her new parts.

I have a bee hive of thoughts to write, my mind thick with
the buzz of words. And all I can do is babble.

It is after all, 3 a.m.


  1. I love the imagery in your posts. And i feel your frazzle-ness. My laptop was dead for 48 hrs and i was bereft. So happy when the computer doctor came and fixed it. There was once again peace and a soothing calmness in my home.

  2. Communing with my comp is definitely a needed stress reliever and my only alone time to write and Pin uninterrupted which keeps me up as late/early as yourself I see. Ha!