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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Snap Crackle Babble

I'm having a day, it's now three am. What hasn't ended yet, 
is how it all started.

This morning an internet wizard descended upon my home, worked his
magic by reconnecting my computer to the internet, which had been 
down for four days. I love the ability to connect, and when I can't,
it frazzles me.

In the middle of my joy, the freezer decided to do the opposite of its job.
A new thread of over excitement begins. The cleaning up of quickly 
dripping pools of melted juices and smells, moved into finding a new 
freezer to be delivered the same day, which proved to be impossible 
after numerous calls. The race and chase was on. A new freezer 
found, and moved by my glorious truck, whom my dearest of closest 
loves, chidingly call a P.O.S..

Unloaded, plugged in and ready, after waiting two hours for the Freon to 
descend to the nether regions, removing 20 square feet of freshly
unfrozen pastries, steaks, vegetables, plus items no longer identifiable, 
to the new unit. Sorting, tossing, washing sticky oozed goo from 
containers, it is now eleven p.m.. The remains of the day are mopping 
and washing the floors and the old whirring innards of the dying freezer.

Beautiful and spotless, she awaits her new parts.

I have a bee hive of thoughts to write, my mind thick with
the buzz of words. And all I can do is babble.

It is after all, 3 a.m.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Resolution of the Jumping Curser

Follow up to The Beauty of My Daughter.
For all of you have searched the net high and low,
for a solution to your jumping curser.
I have great news for you.

The simple solution that will effectively solve this
problem is to buy a USB wireless mouse, plug it in.
Click the button directly above your touch pad
which disables the pad.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Beauty of My Daughter

I am being technically terrorized by my laptop.

When I was gifted this sweet whirring machine of freedom,
the prior owner physically shuddered, and said,
"good luck with the jumping cursor."

Like he was passing on a curse.

I decided an upgrade from buggy Vista to Windows 7 would
rectify this problem. And it did, for one day.

To my horror, the infuriating cursor not only jumped, disappeared,
scrolled the page, highlighted the entire screen, it also deleted
entire segments of copy.

Type type type, retype, type type type, omfng!

~ The Beauty of My Daughter is when she comes to visit, presses 
one button on my laptop ~ no more jumping mouse, vanishing text,
or cursing Momma.~

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trippin' The Day Fantastic

Morning has broken, it's 10:30 am, small children scurry about,
playing princess dress up, wielding pretend jedi sticks.
Oatmeal is cooking on the burner, Izzy has decidedly chosen
to make salad for breakfast. "I don't want oatmeal", she emphatically
states, after requesting said morning porridge not twenty minutes ago.
Little voices giggling in unison, Olie is in a dress.
I'm just smiling over my coffee.

Verify ~ How To

So I have "this" new blog, which needs to be verified. And I am clueless. 
Having searched the net over, of reading what? You link where? 
Closing that page, don't get it. Sign in here, but there is no sign in, 
only to find the link but the page doesn't exist. 

Three hours later, I find blessed simplicity.

Google , Bing , Yahoo, these links will take you to their respective
webmaster tool dashboards, where you click add site, type in
the url (your website address) complete their easy instructions 
which involves a simple step of copying their meta data into your 
html page under <head> (they have picture samples of these
instructions, if you are like me, I need a visual)save or update
your html page, return to the dashboard click the verify button.

Bonus! Ding Ding, My intent was to verify, what I additionally
received by adding my website to these browsers was giving
my site the capability for their search engines to find me. 
And through the dashboards, I can now have access to my traffic stats.
Cool beans huh.

Blog Catalog Note

I found Blog Catalog's profile section, and we all know how tedious
those can be, enjoyable to fill out. Nice change, I usually leave
fill in the blanks blank.

Supporting Services ~ Meeting Bloggers

I have recently joined Blog Catalog , a community bringing
bloggers and readers together. A stylish site, providing valuable
content, a networking home and is extremely user friendly.
I invite you to take a look.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Story of Isa Palavarti

In getting to know the many aspects of myself, there are exquisite moments 
when the pieces of experience, technology, time and opportunity, come 
together. This is one of those moments. 

It's exciting to begin the process of converting my books to this medium,
to share my experiences, and eventually publish them to e books.

As to my pen name, Isa Palavarti, she was created for this adventure 
and has come into being through Circles of Light , a name generator that uses 
the principles of numerology.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lux The Series Book Trailer

"LUX"  is now up, the first of two trailers promoting Jordan Alexander's 
newest book series to be released in August of this year.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Beginnings

This blog is dedicated to my co-heart in writing, Jordan Alexander.
Did I mention that she's brilliant? Yes I am a fan.

Jordan Alexander's  novel, "GODHEAD", a Psychological 
Romantic Thriller, is now available at Xin XiiSmash Words
and Amazon.

*Sneak Peak*  Jordan Alexander will soon be releasing her new
 episodic novel "LUX " The Series. Pre release e book trailer
coming soon.